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Vincent Management Group and Associates, Inc. work to improve the long-term survivability of an organization’s business with proven strategies and principles. We specialize in healthcare management, business consulting, and employee training.​ We accomplish these goals by leveraging our years of experience, diverse backgrounds, and industry knowledge, along with research and data to develop results-driven strategies to help businesses grow. From startups, and struggling small businesses, or Fortune 500 companies, our team of experts will help organizations achieve marketing, financial and operational goals.​ In addition to our consultancy services, we own and manage several organizations such as:​

  • Savco Healthcare & Staffing Solutions 

  • Savco At Home

  • Senior Advising & Training Solutions

  • Vincent Counseling & Wellness Center

  • Crown Christian Church

  • Vincent Career Training Institute

  • Crown Career College

  • Vincent Technical High School

  • Legacy Academic System​​​




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