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Why Vincent Management Group, LLC?

 Vincent Management Group, LLC is a full-service consulting firm, licensed as an employment agency and certified by the Joint Commission.  "After 20 years of various initiatives, we have learned that success in relationships, business, work, innovation, strategy, and transformation all hinges on people. At Vincent Management Group, we understand that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. With an extensive network of learning experts, we support your workforce to bring value to your customers, staff, and communities."

"Our team has accumulated years of real-world experience in delivering consulting, learning services, and staffing solutions that perform efficiently. Although our business has had exceptional success, this legacy does not fully reveal the extensive and unparalleled creativity, problem-solving skills, and performance-transforming expertise our people possess."

Vincent Management Group is founded on the expertise of professionals trained in industrial-organizational psychology. Our founder, a licensed counselor, holds a PhD in Psychology, a master's degree in psychology, and an MBA in Administration and Finance. With a background in nursing and staff development, she is an ethical leader known for her transparency. At Vincent Management Group, integrity is of the utmost importance. We hire only the best in our industries and offer our clients a unique, tailored experience from our recruiting department to the expertise of our consultants.


We own and operate a training center, providing over 300 state and nationally recognized certifications, ranging from healthcare to IT. We partner with our clients to offer not only consulting services but also training programs that help to develop and engage staff while attracting new talent. We provide interim staff, direct placement of key positions, and an array of workforce management services, including HR, Payroll, and Training. Additionally, we offer leadership conferences onsite or on location at one of our many locations across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

About Us
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